On top of my day job as a public service attorney, I have a couple side projects that I do to have fun and because war stories on Rule 191 motions have a very small audience.


I picked up photography as an offshoot of watching anime in the early ’00s. Bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D40, for taking photos of cosplayers at Anime Central 2007. Several lenses and a new body later, I’m still working at refining my craft. In the last year I’ve been experimenting more with lighting, specifically off-camera flash. Still trying to absorb knowledge from both David “Strobist” Hobby and Zack Arias.

Most of my work is on Flickr and I tend to do some kind of project or event about once a month.

Like what you see? I’m available for select projects in the Chicago area - email me at and we’ll talk about whether we can make something awesome happen.


Yup, stereotypical Asian child = music at a young age. Until law school happened I progressed through a whole litany of instruments: violin, piano, flute, alto sax, and synthesizer. Alas, law school put music on hold for several years until about Fall 2011. I started taking group classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music, first on bass guitar, and since 2013 on drumkit. Both, as amplified instruments (my drumkit is electric), are much more amenable to apartment life than my prior wind instruments.

There are a couple videos up on YouTube of myself playing for the MTV Ensemble, 90’s Gen X Ensemble, and currently the Aughts Ensemble.

Giant Robot Building

Also offshooting from anime (an unapologetic Gundam fan) and photography is a small habit of building Gundam model kits. So far I’ve finished a HG Stark Jegan (Gundam UC) and a HG Gouf Custom (8th MS Team). I’m looking into possibly doing a MG AGE-1 Spallow or a RG Zaku II (Char Custom) this year.